PHOTO . Extraschicht – Ruhr Tourismus GmbH / Kreklau


The Rhein & Ruhr region is in the sum of its cities
probably one of the most important cultural metropolises worldwide –
the offer of cultural facilities and events is grandiose.
If you want to be even roughly informed, research on the Internet at
Ruhr area + culture, events, festivals, museums, exhibitions, …

Whether concert or theatre events –
in the Ruhr there is simply everything! And plenty of it!
Appearances by world stars are the order of the day here!

In the concert hall of the Werner Richard – Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation you will regularly find
demanding events take place – including concerts and readings.
In the Dr. Carl Dörken Galerie, the key theme “colour as colour” is
the entire spectrum of contemporary art is shown in changing exhibitions.

One of the extraordinary events every year
on the Ruhr is “EXTRASCHICHT – the night of industrial culture”.
A good 50 locations in the region are being played in parallel,
Industrial backdrops become stages for spectacular productions,
the entire Ruhr metropolis is on the move.

Here on the edge of the Ruhr and the Ruhr
you can easily arrange a permanent museum tour
graduate. Because there is such a variety
museums and exhibitions that it never ends,
to visit her.

Photo . Extraschicht – Ruhr Tourismus GmbH / Kreklauu