The origins of the Kötterhof – it was named after its builder,
a man named Kötter – lie in the 17th century, a second part of the farm
was cultivated in the 18th century. Once the building served as a living and sleeping place
for day labourers who were employed in agriculture. A third construction phase dates
to the 1950s. At that time – according to the spirit of the time – with little sensitivity
for the historical substance.

The Kötterhof was built in the years 2019/2020 according to the plans of
Witten architectural offices Frielinghaus Schüren Architekten and in close cooperation
with the city of Herdecke and the responsible monument authority and in
a guesthouse with eight rooms has been rebuilt – including two apartments with pantry kitchen.
The historical half-timbered building was largely reconstructed.
For example, the wooden framework was filled with bricks according to the historical model,
pressed from a clay/straw mixture at the construction site –
a very expensive and time-consuming one these days,
but also ecological methods that were used centuries ago.